Monday, January 21, 2008

You might know

I just found out that the Super Bowl is the same day as Keeley's birthday this year. Of course, that's the same day we planned her party. So much for the person who assured us that the Super Bowl was NOT that day. (Not to mention any names, Mike.) Just as much our fault for listening anyways. I guess it won't make too much of a difference since her party is at 1.

I can't believe that last year we watched the Super Bowl in the hospital with my parents. Keeley slept through most of it. But that makes sense since she was like maybe 2 days old. And now she'll be a year in just a couple weeks. It's so amazing how fast it all went. And it seemed so SLOW those first couple months. I thought we'd NEVER be here. But more of that in the Month 12 letter.

Birthday party plans are coming along nicely - for those of you who where wondering. (Anyone?) I mailed out the invites in plenty of time (for once) and I have most of the decorations. Sweetheart theme. Aaaw. Our sweetheart is turning one. (Insert tear here.) Sniff. I've mostly figured out the cake situation, but I still need to know how much to make and how I'm going to decorate it and what kind of icing I want to use. Okay, so maybe I only have cake pans. Either way, that's more than I had before this weekend. I still have to make the favors and some of the decorations and figure out the food situation. Oh, and totally clean the entire house. Apparently, I am not as far along with this as I thought. Perhaps I should stop sitting in front of the computer and start doing something...

P.S. For those of you who are coming to the party, I just wanted you to know that gifts are optional. You can bring one and we'll love you or you can not bring one and we'll still love you. (Just maybe a little less... Did I just write that? OF COURSE, I AM KIDDING!)

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jeanie said...

hi emily i will try once again to see if this will go through because i forgot my username and password. i sent u an email first then i decided to go to your blog too see if u had posted news about keeleys birthday yes!!!!!!!!!!!! grandma and me are planning on coming and celia and daniel read my email ok details there. if u need any help please let me no. love aunt jeanie