Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Going off the bottle

Well, for the past two days - today makes three - we've been weaning Keeley off the bottle. Suffice to say, she does not like this. It surprised me since she never seemed to attached to the bottle anyways. She doesn't carry it around with her throughout the day and we practically have to chase her around with it to get her to finish one. She was just more interested in anything else than she was in drinking her bottle. I thought it would be easier.

I was wrong.

I guess it's not that bad. She's not screaming for her bottle or anything. She just WILL NOT drink formula out of a sippy cup. ANY sippy cup. And, believe me, I have tried many different kinds: ones with soft spouts, hard spouts, angled cups, handles, no handles, straws, no straws, with lids, no lids, regular cups, and even a bottle with a sippy top and handles. All are apparently very offensive. Well, offensive with formula in them. She's had juice in a sippy cup many times and has no problem whatsoever. She actually gets excited to have juice because she doesn't get it very often. But with formula in the cup? No way. Sometimes, she will take a tiny sip from the cup. Most of the time she just purses her lips and blows out. (It's actually kind of funny if you're not directly involved in the situation.)

Everything else seems to be fine, though. She's eating her normal food. I try to make her a little more cereal and put more formula in that. I make sure to give her extra servings of dairy foods she likes. (We're eating a heck of a lot of yogurt, people.) She does seem to be fussier than usual. Although, I'm not sure if that is because of the whole bottle situation, just a normal stage right now, teething, a bit of a cold she seems to have, or some crazy combination of everything I just listed and eleventy billion other possible things it could be. Sigh.

I guess she's okay. I called the doctor's office yesterday to make sure she would be okay with such a drastic decrease in formula consumption. The nurse said she should be okay with the added dairy foods and we could start transitioning her to whole milk (YAY! Bye, bye formula.). Not sure if whole milk is the answer to the sippy cup dilemma, but at least it's not all expensive formula going down the drain. Oh, and we've kept the bedtime bottle, so she's getting about 6 ounces there, too.

I guess I just wish I'd done this a little more gradually. Like take away the daytime bottles first and keep at least the morning and bedtime ones. But I feel like going back and adding the morning one will be a huge step backwards now that we've gone through all this. I don't know. I guess it's just one of those parenting things that I obsess about while I'm going through it and make myself crazy and then look back on it later like, "Oh yeah, I guess that worked out okay." Anyone have any advice?


Whatever Mother said...

Maybe it is because her Mimi and Auntie Lynn like "the bottle" so much and she wants to be like us! (Well, maybe we are talking about different kinds of bottles) I will talk to you later about what a good mother you are and that you are doing everything the way it should be done. It is way more important that Keeley is loved.... and she gets plenty of that...then the way "things" are done. You are the best!

L said...

Bottles are fun! If you put disgusting formula in a cup, I too would spit it out. Cups are for better tasting stuff, like bosoms. I typed 'bosoms', and I can't believe it.