Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Quick Update (and yes, there are pictures this time, mom)

Sorry about the spotty posting lately. I've been gearing up for Keeley's first birthday party. Hopefully, I'll get more posts up later next week after I've recuperated. Anyway, here's a brief update on what's new with Keeley this week (complete with pictures).

We've finally got Keeley in her new car seat and she likes it. She's very excited to be able to see me in the car and out the windows. She laughed all the way to the gym the first time we used it. Well, pretty much all the way. She stopped for a while to stare at the shirtless construction workers on the side of the road. (Looks like trouble, Donald...)

New car seat is a hit. Bring on the shirtless men, mommy!

Also new this week is this:

Keeley learns to pick her nose.

Yes, this week Keeley has realized she can stick her finger up her nose. Joy. Must remember to check my clothes for any "juicy bits" before leaving the house. (This is in addition to checking for those lovely iridescent streaks.)

Furthermore, this week she's had a very weird (and maybe a bit disturbing) attachment to my clean underwear. (I cannot stress the clean enough.) She grabs them from off the couch where the laundry is piled - yes, I WILL GET IT FOLDED. Just today I found this:

I would like to add that I found this RIGHT AFTER IT HAPPENED. No, I wasn't letting my child play in the toilet. One second she was running around with my underwear and the next second they were in the toilet. Holy cannoli.

And keeping with the underwear theme (and let me just say I NEVER thought I would post pictures of my underwear on the Internet, but I guess that goes with the whole "never say never" saying) here is how she was playing later in the day:

Lovely. Needless to say, both pair of underwear are back in the washer and hopefully will be folded and put away prior to someone getting their sticky little hands on them. Sheesh. Isn't it enough that I have to play Beat the Clock just to get any dishes in or out of the diswasher without Keeley getting into it? And why, may I ask, does she always go straight for the KNIVES? Now the clean laundry is fair game as well? Ugh.

And lastly, Keeley got her very first knee scrape today. Aw. We were playing outside and she fell in the driveway and skinned her knee. She cried. I held her. She saw a stick and was over it. I took photos and then we cleaned the wound. With soap. Our baby girl is growing up.

A closer look at The Wound. Look at the detail - what amazing photography.

Already she's trying to run into the street. (And I'm busy taking a picture.)

And it's only Wednesday.


L said...

This made me LOL! I had to read it out loud to Unclie Coot. Have you considered writing a book? I can see it now...Letters to Keeley! I could be your agent. I'm sorry that we will miss the party. Think that Keeley will notice our absence?

Whatever Mother said...

Just wait until she puts your thong underwear on her head and goes out into the neighborhood for all to enjoy. Good thing she is a girl.....boys in thongs are just wrong!

L said...
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L said...

I remember the day that you put your mother's thong underwear on your head and went knocking on the neighbors' doors. It was SO cute the way that you lined up the string part down your nose. You looked a little like the Lone Ranger before they took his mask away. I've got a picture around here somewhere. I'll post it when I find it. (Ummm..j/k?)

Emily said...

Just to set the record straight, I do NOT remember knocking on doors with a thong on my head. Must have been the same time I was talking about butt cream...

L said...

I'll try to spell everything correctly so that I don't have to delete my comment. The 'mother in a thong' part should have given you a clue to my lie. Now I have witnesses (witneii?) to the butt cream comment.