Monday, March 10, 2008

Oh, the pain! Oh, the pain!

Well, Keeley has an ear infection in BOTH ears. Of course, it all started with a cold. (A cold that I now have as well, which is not surprising since when Keeley has a cold I spend most of the day as a human tissue.)
On Friday Keeley developed the sniffles. On Saturday she kinda didn't feel good. By Sunday afternoon she wouldn't do anything but lay in our arms and try to sleep. Her temperature went up to 104. Of course, of course it was a Sunday. If her temp went up to even 104.2, I would have called the doctor's office. I have read that if it gets to 105 they have to go to the ER. Luckily, the Tylenol brought it back down a bit.

It is just so sad to see your normally spunky, energetic, full-of-life baby reduced to crying and writhing in your arms because she just can't get comfortable.

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jeanie said...

emily , im so sorry to hear keeley has been sick with a cold an ear aches i know the fever had to scare you i know it would have me. sorry u have been sick too.i am praying for keeley and her mama and daddy too. she is so precious it brings tears to my eyes when i hear she has been sick i love her sooo and i miss her tooo u take care u are such a great mommy i love u grandma is doing a lot better the brusises and swelling are almost gone she sends her love tooo. love aunt jeanie