Tuesday, April 22, 2008

See? Others appreciate my sarcastic remarks.

I am so excited! One of my comments was featured in the Young and the Restless blog I read. It's such a great blog because not only do they appreciate my witty comments, but the writers also make fun of the show in a loving/supportive way. Just like my best friend and I do.

And, yes, I am aware that watching a soap opera is not the coolest thing I've ever done. And, yes, this is definitely on the list of things that make me "not very adult-like". And, yes, I am excited about being mentioned on a blog that talks about a soap opera.

Whatever. I am so cool. You know you wish you were me!

Oh yeah - I'll get back to some Keeley posts soon. I promise.


Avitable said...

You are so cool. I wish I were you.


Lynn said...

I always appreciated your sarcastic remarks when I was your teacher. Just kidding...Jeff was the sarcastic one in that class.

Jill said...

i am still proud and enamored!! y&r for life!!!!

whatever mother said...

Wow!! I'm impressed. That ranks right up there with the time you and your bestest friend, my other child, viewed the butts of the '96 UF Football Team. Makes a mother proud. Sniff...couldn't have raised you any better had I tried!!

Lynn said...

I also appreciate blog updates!