Monday, April 14, 2008

Reason #2,538 why I am not an adult

I just used Sun-In on my hair. Sun-In. A bottle of Sun-In I bought at Big Lots for $3.50. Seriously.

This really sums up my maintenance-style. Quick. Easy. Cheap. (No comments on that one, please.)

But it looks just fine. One of the benefits of having naturally blonde hair - you really can't mess it up too badly with Sun-In. Once, in college, my friend Crystal used Sun-In on her lovely dark brown hair and it turned red-ish. (I use the "ish" there because it really wasn't red but it really wasn't any other recognizable color either. The closest color to it was red. Hence the "ish".) It didn't look that bad, but it wasn't exactly like the picture on the box which was what she was going for. Although it never is, is it?


Avitable said...

I should try some of that on my manbush.

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I thought your hair was already blond.
And why didn't you tell us your hubby was HAWT!
I got a message from Lynn W who came to me from your blog. Did you know she calls you Emily-Good-Hair?

Lynn said...

Whew, when you didn't post I thought that you were still at your mother's and I was missing play dates. "Missy Good Hair" has always had beautiful hair.

Jill said...

ahhh....the good ole days of sun-in and cryt miss-haps! you will have to do a reinactment of that next time we are together. im sure you are looking sun-kissed :)
love you! ps~my teacher-friends now use the phrase "super-fry".