Sunday, February 10, 2008

Keeley Brown's First Birthday Extravaganza

Well, first I would like to say (write) that I consider Keeley's first birthday a success. Keeley was happy pretty much the whole time and I think she enjoyed entertaining her people. Her many, many people. We had about 25 people - with cameras. (And food for 125 - but I will talk more about that later.) Everyone seemed to be happy to watch Keeley flit about and laugh and play. She liked walking around the porch and she loved the balloons.

As I said earlier, there was plenty of food. And everyone ate - a lot. And there was STILL tons of leftovers. You could tell I was worried about not having anough food. Hey, I don't know anything about having parties except make sure you have enough food and make sure you have enough booze. Pretty much if you have enough booze, everything else works itself out eventually. Anyhoo, there was enough food. I had to assume it was good. Why? Because. I. Did. Not. Eat. A. Bite. None. Nothing.

Why, oh why, do you ask? Well, because I was sick, sick, sick. Lots of sick that I will not go into. I couldn't even clean and decorate like I wanted to. Thank goodness my mom and Jill were there to get most of it done. Keeley even helped decorate. And Donald's mom showed up early and she was able to help, too. I had no clue what was wrong with me. For a few terrifying moments, I thought I might be pregnant - but the sickness lasted WAY too long for that. I remember being curled up on the couch saying, "Mommy, what's wrong with me?" I think she was too busy getting stuff done to say more than, "Will you please take a pepto?"

Turns out I had some sort of stomach virus. I learned this as Donald was sick the next day. Conveniently, conveniently sick the day AFTER his daughter's first birthday. So he got to lay in bed all day -- and complain about how HE feld bad. I wasn't very sympathetic. I do remember bringing him a cup of ginger ale at one point. Thoughtful, yes, I know. Amazingly, Keeley never got sick. Thank goodness. I am soooooooooo happy about that. I shudder at the thought.

So back to Keeley. You know, the real reason for the party and all? She had a blast. Well, until I tried to put her down for her second nap. She was all like, "No way, mom. These people NEED me. I am the life of this party. Without me, this party is LAME." So, after about 10 minutes of convincing me, she got to return to the party. (It was lame.) She just wandered around and smiled at everyone and let them know she was back so the fun could begin again.

All in all, a great day for Keeley. Wish I had felt better and could've enjoyed it more. Oh well, it just reminded me how lucky I am to have such wonderful, wonderful family who help out and bring food, and clean kitchens, and watch babies, and are just all-around great.

There were several things I definitely would have done a little better had I not been sick, but none of it was improtant. Keeley's cake turned out a little weird looking and I would have iced it better. But, silly me, I was trying to make this cake and, well, let's face it, Keeley didn't enjoy it that much. Just looking at that cake makes me want to photoshop it. I guess, I can try to make myself feel better by saying I made it myself with love (Gag.) and it was healthy (Double gag.). Either way, I felt bad, so a couple days later I gave her some of Aunt Jeanie's super-fun cake with extra sugar-y icing and she liked it a LOT better. I mean, a kid should get the whole fun first-birthday-cake-icing-and-yummy-sugar-and-other-bad-stuff-for-you experience. Of course, she was fed copious amounts of vanilla ice cream on her birthday by at least one grandparent (Mimi) and perhaps others I don't know about. I do know she enjoyed it so much she couldn't keep her feet still.

So, thank you to everyone for making Keeley's day so special. I promise to work on the thank you notes this week, now that I'm getting back with the program. I know she won't remember it, but I will. The party wasn't just to celebrate Keeley's first year of life (although that was a VERY important part of it), it was also to celebrate our first year as parents. I just love that little girl so much, I couldn't help but go overboard just a little.

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