Friday, March 23, 2007

To Sleep, Per Chance to... Wait. Who's Sleeping?!?

Yesterday there was no sleeping. Keeley woke up at 8:30 and was up until 4:45 when I finally coerced her to take a nap. I had to promise her that she could stay up as late as she wanted, but... HA!

I never realized how important her naps are -- for me! Luckily, we went over to Donald's Nana's (too many possessives?) house and she was able to entertain Keeley for a while. I didn't have to make ALL of the googly faces. I bought her a mirror (Keeley, not Donald's Nana) so she could make googly faces at herself. You know, cut out the middle man here. We'll see how that goes. Sounds like a good idea, right?

Luckily right now she is sleeping. She also took a nap this morning. (I told her it was either take a nap or fold the laundry.)

Smart girl. I have taught her well. Of course I chose sleep as well. Where's the laundry going to go anyway? Maybe I will see how high I can stack the laundry before it tumbles onto the floor and has to be washed again (because of all the pet hair on the floor - more cleaning to do). New game -- Laundry Jenga.

So with the naps today I am feeling like less of a parental failure. I'm not sure why I have to worry about every little thing so much. I wish I could be one of those laid-back parents who just know their kids will turn out fine. Any advice on how to get there? I'm sure a good start would be a few glasses of wine...


Jill said...

Oh, my love. Im glad you started this, I am entertained. I am doing laundry now and decided I should have given myself the same ultimatum: laundry or nap. dammit, you are definitely the smartest twin! you are wonderful mommy and you should start with a couple glasses of wine and realize that!! cant wait to see you both. oh, btw, i LOVE the shot with Kee AND the laundry! You're also the funniest twin! Love you so much!

L said...

Could we have some more entries please?