Thursday, July 24, 2008

I will make no mention of why I haven't published any posts in...well, forever

Just some quick updates on Keeley for those interested.

Her new favorite fruit is grapes ("grates"). I quarter them for her so they're not A Choking Hazard. However, I feel that said quartering is negated by the fact that she shoves whole handfuls of the little grape quarters into her mouth at one time. Sigh. She does love her some grapes though.

Also, on the current Favorite Foods List: beans and peas. Beans are referred to as "mean-uhs". The other night she ate chicken AND rice (both are NOT on the Favorite Food List) because I put peas in with it. I guess it was too hard to pick out the peas. Either way she ate it for dinner and lunch the next day. Baked potatoes with sour cream and cheese are also eaten with gusto.

Keeley still enjoys "talking" on the phone. She will now inform us who she is talking to - Mimi, Grammy, Nana, etc. It's amazing how far she's come in the whole vocabulary thing in such a short time. Now she will sometimes string two words together which I guess makes that a sentence? (Side note: I totally suck at this whole milestone thing. Seriously, does two words make a sentence? Do I need to record this in The Book?) She will say things like "Mama wawa" for mommy's water and "Dada work" for Daddy is at work and "Bebe poo poo" for Baby (doll) went poo-poo. That last one is usually after she goes poo and wants to blame it on the doll so she won't have to get her diaper changed. (She HATES diaper changes. They really take a lot of energy and creativity to preform these days.)

She really seems to have "grown up" a lot lately. I don't know if it's that she's gotten taller or she's talking more, or even that she has more hair - but she definitely seems older. But, of course, she is older. Duh.

She does so many new things everyday. We had a neighborhood garage sale last weekend and we were able to get Keeley a playhouse. She loves it. I've put some dishes and "groceries" in there for her. Donald and I also installed wall-to-wall carpeting the other day (an area rug). She goes in there and washes the dishes, cooks meals, and talks on the phone. There's at least one point everyday where she points out to the porch and says, "hoos" meaning she wants to play in the playhouse.

If you can't tell - we're having fun.


Kathy said...

I love reading what she is doing to see what we have to look forward to! I was bursting out laughing that the doll went poo poo! Oh the things kids say! Sorry but I have no idea if two words make a sentence - sounds good to me though!

Been there, done that said...

Yay, I'm just giddy with joy to get a Keeley update! I'm pretty sure that, "Mommy wine," is a sentence. It's time to get The Book out.

Maggie said...

Did you just join Sunshine Scrappers? I approved a new member last night and tried to send an email and it bounced back! We met at the Bossy meet-up in Altamonte- that's too cool that maybe we will scrapbook together soon!